The Plan: Get Information INTO Iran

In a country like Iran, the government rules the media. The Media can only report what they are allowed to report, once the news passes the official censors. If you like the concept of InformIran, please facebook us, Reweet the link, everything you can do to publicize this program!

A note on the Tor Project:

This is the manner in which our friends in Iran have been communicating out of the country. The concept of Tor, is basically a secure mini-internet inside the internet,  allowing access to otherwise blocked sites. Joining the project takes installation if a bit of software on your computer, allowing the Tor network to use part of your internet connection for communications out of secure countries, like Iran. joining the Tor project increases capacity of the network, and allows more information to flow in and out of Iran. If you set  your computer to stay out of hibernate mode, and leave it on,  and connected to the internet, you are helping our friends in Iran while you sleep. If you turn your computer off, or disconnect from the internet, the system automatically routs around your “node” or “relay”, allowing the system to work without your participation, just a bit slower. Most users will not notice the TOR connection’s use of bandwidth or computer resources on their systems. The Tor network needs our help and resources. Not money, just unused bandwidth and a bit of your computer.

A Tor Bridge is a connection that you supply to the Tor network, allowing someone in Iran to use your connection as the first link in the Tor chain. These are sent into Iran by specific means, by a few individuals, to a few individuals inside Iran. These are not published in a mass manner, this makes your connection worthless, as it can now be easily blocked or monitored by the bad guys in the Government. The need for bridges is constant, as protesters are captured, their internet history is searched, the old bridges are identified and blocked from Iranian access, they are worthless. If you set up a “bridge” there are ways to get the information to those that need it at the anonygreen site below.

There are sources for more information on the Tor project, and how you can help!  Start here:



Though we have re-formatted this page, if you are looking for some of the older posted lists, they are still here, they have been given pages. That last load of about 7000 emails about overloaded us!

The InformIran plan will work, and in worldwide large numbers, it will beat the censors and inform our friends in Iran. Tell your friends about his program, and re-tweet it. We are constantly adding new email addresses and fax numbers to the lists. Sorry, they are a bit sloppy, but this is about quantity, not looks.

Let’s say you send 100 emails with 2 articles attached, and 50 get through.That means that there are at least 100 news stories in circulation because of you. Now, what if each story went through 10 hands? Now it is a thousand. And of each of them passed it through 10 more hands?     10, 000 people know more about what is going on in their country because of YOU! What if they tell 10 friends, yes, that is 100,000 people, and now you have started your own sea of green!

Our friends in Iran are being arrested probably really tortured, and killed. We can send a few faxes and emails into Iran for them. News and information is essential in a part of the world where everything is censored, and this is a way around the censors!

Send in images via .pdf or .jpg attachment.

When sending .pdf or .jpg attachments, use file compression. Digitally make the file smaller to enable faster loading on the other end.

See the Comments Section for Strike info in Farsi and English

Posting got way out of hand! There are now multiple pages on this site, with the email only listings. Please use them as replacements for the massive long list that will remain until 06.23.09

Those that can communicate out if Iran are limited to talking with a close circle of friends that they can trust. Mass blanketing of emails and faxes will get real information into the hands of everyday Iranians, and let them know just what the world knows about things in Iran. This may empower more Iranians to take to the streets, and join the movement.

If the news gets into the hands of a hardliner, the fact that they did not contain all of the atrocities in the streets may convince them to switch sides, and go green, or at least be a bit easier on our friends in Iran, knowing that the world is indeed watching.

We need to get printable information from the outside world circulating in Iran! They can forward the emails, or print them and circulate them by hand, or toss them into the crowds! The plan is to send enough material into Iran that even if a secretary picks up a fax, she can read a bit of information before she passes it on, or tosses the fax. Pick some numbers or addresses, and get yourself some Iranian Pen Pals!

Most of these email addresses are businesses, and they have the opportunity to forward the email to others or keep it, either way they will have REAL INFORMATION from the outside world!

There is a time for unsolicited emails, and this is it! Iran has blocked most of the reliable news sources from the outside world, so all the typical Iranian knows is what the government tells them.. and those are government lies!

Iran barely has an internet, No YouTube, no CNN, BBC, FoxNews, NBC.. They only have Twitter because of extraordinary efforts to keep it open. You name it, if it is a block able site, they block it to control what the people know. The world has thousands of videos, tens of thousands of articles, and millions of Twitterers. Iran has no news that is not approved, and any news of an uprising is not approved!

This is a great way to irritate the Iranian Government, they cannot stop all of this information at the border! ReTweet this site, Facebook it, Digg it, Delicious it, whatever you can do to get your others involved. This is a lot to do for a few people, but a little for each to do when there are hundreds involved. Phone, fax and email work, though! They cannot shut down the entire internet without closing businesses across the country.

The email plan is to get enough emails into the queue that when they have email service, emails will get through to those that can share the information inside the country of Iran

If you are fluent in Farsi, obtain anything you can from University sites, or other public sites, and post them into the comments section!

This is all about getting so much information into Iran that the censors cannot catch it all!

There are all sorts of online fax services that offer free trials, and sure would be worth a try for a few sends to Iran!

We need to get news INTO Iran, so they know just what all we know, and how big the news really is, worldwide!

Here is a starter list, of Phone, Fax, and Email contact info that I found. It does not really matter HOW the information gets in, just that it does.

These lists get posted as we get them, there are several lists to be used:

06.23.09 Iran Emails

06.21.09 Emails List b,c

06.21.09 Emails List d,e

06.21.09 Emails List f,g

06.21.09 Emails List h,i

06.21.09 Emails List j,k

06.21.09 Emails List l,m

06.21.09 emails List n,o

There are page links at the top of this page to each of the posts that were on this main page. It got out of control, and we re-located the various lists to separate pages.

If you have an email address bot,  trawl Iranian Websites for email addresses, and add them to the list as a comment!

If you get an email or fax list from any of your contacts, DO NOT PUBLISH IT. You have just found a set of your own contacts, or send it privately to a friend or two for help! Keep these people as safe as you can!


See the suggested header and subject line here.

Use Credible Source Articles! An article from “joes blog” does not quite have the same impact as CNN, BBC, or FoxNews!

Need a bulk email program? Many offer free trials, some are free!

Windows Bulk Mailers

Mac Bulk Mailers

Photos fax poorly, fax in article texts!

Emails with links will not work, the site will be blocked. So, paste the article, photo or text into your email with the source credited.You can probably also attach articles to the emails as a .pdf. For free web to pdf conversion click here.

If you have several emails that bounce back, it could be your country or  email provider being blocked. Don’t worry about that, send more articles to the contacts that you were successful with. They have no news, and the more they get the better!

Language does not matter, a large percentage of Iranians are multi lingual, and English is big.

Dialing Codes

International country code: + 98 (Iran)

Area code: 21

See how to dial to Tehran

Never any Twitter names in an article. No Photos that are not available in the web.

What Else Can I Do????

New project!!! The IranImage Project! If you are an image and video fan, check it out!

Contact the Unied Nations!

Out The Basij Thugs!

Plan, Publicize,  and Schedule a Rally!

17 Responses to “The Plan: Get Information INTO Iran”

  1. June 26, 2009 at 7:28 am

    In ALL countryes: Iran, Brazil, USA, UK, France, German, Italy, etc, etc, etc, the government RULES the media. The control becomes more evident when the regime sees himself threatened by the freedom.

  2. 2 spectacleA
    June 24, 2009 at 8:54 am


    Yes, you’re right. I actually learned from all the spam I got in the years. I make ‘semireadable’ subjects, by replacing E with 3 and O with the number 0 and change it a bit in each small chunk by adding signs like _ and -. So:

    -_N3ws fr0m the w0rld_-

    or something similar

    that’s the technique the v1@gra guys use. Finally some usage!

    thanks for the translation!

  3. 3 Mara
    June 23, 2009 at 4:26 am

    As a beginner here, is it best to copy & paste text or attach a file? I don’t have capacity to convert to pdf, so I’ve been copying & pasting.

    Try one of the free .pdf conversion programs available on this site.

    • 4 spectacleA
      June 23, 2009 at 8:37 am

      pdf’s are better, since they can’t be searched for words.

      this is really easy. download http://www.primopdf.com/

      it’s free. install it. quit your browser and open it up again. If you now print, you can select primopdf. press ok to print. now select ‘screen’ and browse to a folder and give a filename (keep these a bit ambiguous). you have a pdf. selecting screen will give more compression on images, resulting in smaller file size. try to keep your attachment total under 2 mb (some servers do not accept large mails)

      If you have more questions, just ask! Thank you for your help!

      • 5 reverb
        June 24, 2009 at 7:24 am

        If the possibility of searching for words inside of mails matters would it not be wise then to change the header/subject from time to time?

        Although I do know nothing about the spread of language skills in Iran, I included a German translation of the English content. After hearing our country was the second biggest import trade partner, I figured German might be a favoured language:

        “Liebe Adressatin, lieber Adressat,

        Wir bitten um Verzeihung, wenn der Inhalt dieser E-Mail Sie nicht betrifft, sie soll keinen Spam darstellen. Wir versenden E-Mails von verschiedenen Orten der Welt, um dabei zu helfen die Zensur von auslaendischen Medien im Iran zu umgehen. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wurde auf einer iranischen Website gefunden, was gleichermaßen nicht bedeuten muss, dass Sie iranischer Nationalitaet oder am Inhalt interessiert sind. Wir moechten niemandem Schaden zufuegen, sondern die iranische Bevoelkerung darueber informieren, dass die Welt die aktuellen Geschehnisse innerhalb des Landes beobachtet und Anteil nimmt.”

  4. 6 D. Astin
    June 22, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Careful about sending emails to individuals in Iran. First try to find/use general addresses that will be effective; one example why: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_packet_inspection

    another would be physical access to the HD by Sec. Forces, etc..


  5. 7 spectacleA
    June 22, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    just some tips i got regarding by-passing spamfiltering on the servers:

    – post your emails to small chunks (~40).

    -forward your original post again and again, but change the subjectline a bit. I do this by adding chars like _ and -. This way the server will not see all mails as entirely the same (although they all come from the same email adress).

    also, when gmail says you should check the adresses there are probably spaces in some adresses. paste the lists from the website in a txt file and do a find for a space (just type a space). manually work through the list, by pressing find next over and over until you reach the end. mostly about 5 per 100 adresses.
    Another possibility is that two adresses are glued together (do a search on an @ sign) or it ends on a non-existing code (fi .comHome)

  6. 8 reverb
    June 22, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Tried it as well this afternoon. Result was my providers shutting down my accounts for massive spamming. I miss ideas for an unexperienced spammer where to get a new, save account before I retry.

    • 9 spectacleA
      June 22, 2009 at 3:37 pm

      i have 3 and got about 900. just make a couple of accounts and change the ‘send from’ to the primary emailadress in the settings. then the replies all come back to the same adress

  7. 10 justin
    June 22, 2009 at 11:09 am

    I feel like this message from #iranelection would be an important email if anyone’s running a bot or anything on these addresses. I’ll add a google translation below too.

    RT Tuesday, June 23, nationwide strike in Iran (bazaar, offices, schools etc..) Iranians pass to all family and friends.

    سه شنبه ، 23 ژوئن ، به اعتصاب سراسری در ایران (بازار ، ادارات ، مدارس و غیره.) را به همه ایرانیان تصویب خانواده و دوستان.

  8. 11 spectacleA
    June 22, 2009 at 6:48 am

    I made a call on twittter for deeplinks to farsi websites (to the actual articles) and drop them here as a comment so we can make pdfs from them. I don’t speak farsi. Please spread this among your followers and contacts on facebook and email.

  9. 12 Mara
    June 21, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Another update. Please see a copy of an email I received back for advice on the best way to do this. Obviously I will NOT publish this person’s name.
    Dear Sir or Madam
    I thank you for your effort about announcing iranian civilians, while many websites are filtered and satelite channels are disturbed by parasite signals. Please take care when you send Emials, list the names in Bcc section. these addresses are official ones and may be controlled by securities in organisations.
    I want you to send issues in persian and use more illustrations and images instead of English content. you may find persian content in

  10. 13 spectacleA
    June 21, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    just harvested 5500 emails more. Sure, some crap, some nonexisting, but a lot of them working. mostly university, so good public 4 english content

  11. 14 Mara
    June 21, 2009 at 5:57 am

    I tried this last nioght and although many bounced back, I got a thank you email back from one of them. I’ve put together another email to send tonight. I’m happy to pass it on if you think it’ll be useful.

  12. 16 Carolyn
    June 21, 2009 at 12:29 am

    Is it not dangerous to publish email contacts for those in Iran?

    • June 21, 2009 at 12:59 am

      Actually these emails were harvested from existing Iranian web sites. They include government, corporate, universities, anything that we could find. There are email addresses for the Ayatollah, Clerics, the President, and many cabinet ministers.

      If they know just how much info has gotten out, they may re-consider what they do. No one there has the guts to say anything other than what the President wants to hear.

      Some info will hit the email boxes of supporters, and they will re-distribute it. It it falls into the hands of hardliners in the government, they will realize that their subordinates are lying when they say that “we have shut down outbound internet” Either way, it is a good thing.

      Should our emailers get a reply, (and that has happened) we tell them NOT to publish that information, and to work to supply info to that contact themselves.

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